Montag, 14. Juni 2010

The Challenge (for me and my readers)

Jogging for a good causeThe Event

Each year the Church of the Nazarene in Berlin organizes a “Joggathon” – running for a good cause. Everyone is invited, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims… – women, men, kids and dogs – to be participants or audience.

This is how it works

The runners are on a one-kilometer (0,621371192 mile) round course for one hour. Each runner finds his or her sponsors, who promise a certain amount of money for each completed kilometer. The beneficiaries are:

  • A social project in Ulyanovsk (Russia) – this project supports people who don’t get much assistance from the government: Care for kids after school, help with their homework and learning, games and sports. Many children have to learn social behavior, because they only know the aggressiveness of their parents who are addicted to alcohol. Elderly and handicapped people also find support and care in this project.
  • Refurbishment of a protestant school in Beirut (Lebanon) – Although this is a school run by the church, the pupils come from all kinds of backgrounds because everybody is welcome. Children from Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Armenia attend this school. Some of them are refugees. The building has been hit by bombs several times – and therefore in need of repair. Many of the children come from poor families who can’t afford books and other school supplies. They can only learn because of donations.

What happens where?

  • 10:15: Open-Air Church Service at Ursulinenstraße 35, 12355 Berlin (Rudow)
  • Until 12:00: Last chance to register for runners
  • 12:30: Joggathon starts. The steel band Pan Explosion will make things hum.
  • 13:30: Joggathon-Festival at Ursulinenstraße with bbq, games (Volleyball, Street ball and more), coffee, cake...

The Challenge

I ain’t fit as a fiddle. No, not at all. I haven’t been jogging for half a year, last Sunday I tried again for the first time, with meager results: Three times ten minutes of jogging, in between walking for several minutes. Maybe four kilometers, all in all. Nothing to show off with. Pretty embarrassing.

But: If at least 5 people will promise to sponsor me with 10 Euros (or 10 Dollars, for my American friends) per kilometer (or more, if you like to) I will make a fool of myself and run for the good cause – the best I can. I might make four kilometers, maybe five. Wouldn’t expect more…

Now it’s up to you!

If you want to be my sponsor please send a mail (gjmatthia at googlemail dot com) before Friday, because I need to fill in names and addresses for the organizers and the amount per kilometer you are willing to give. After the Joggathon you will get a »Sponsor Invoice« and the church bank account. Do not send any money to me! By the way: Of course I'm happy - in case I will run - about cheers from the audience, but you don't have to be at the event to become my sponsor.

On Saturday I will let you all know if I found my ten sponsors. I’m curious.

You find more about the event in German only at the website of [Johannesgemeinde Berlin]

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