Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Dylan Junior

Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan has told Andrew Marr that many of his songs could not have been written without reference to the Bible. He played a song from his new album "Women and Country".

The son of Bob Dylan said he hadn't looked for help with his music from his father but "of course he got it" and considered his advice "pretty priceless".

[Watch the Video]


Barbara hat gesagt…

"Nothing But The Whole Wide World"
sehr schönes Lied u. Video!
Wunderschöne Gitarre mit einem sehr sympathischen Jakob!
Das wäre mein Wunschschwiegersohn... ;-)

Günter J. Matthia hat gesagt…

Mich deucht, Herr Dylan junior ist bereits vergeben. Schade schade...


Barbara hat gesagt…